Miyamoto   Don Julio Tequila, Sake, Grand Marnier, white peach purée, lime

Secret Garden   Hendrick’s gin, lavender, lemon juice, cucumber

Douzo Smash   Maker’s Mark, Grand Marnier, fresh lemon, mint

Lychee Martini   Grey Goose, lychee juice, pineapple

Cucumber Martini   Crop Organic Cucumber Vodka, Sake, fresh mint, muddled cucumber

Parisian Mango   Absolut Mango, Prosecco, mango puree, St. Germain



Otokoyama Junmai

[Hokkaido Prefecture 1]

is a dry, shy, fruity sake displaying quiet, rice-like aromas.

4oz / 12oz


Murai Family Daiginjo

[Aomori Prefecture 2]

is very complex with full and layered flavors, yet dry and smooth.

4oz / 12oz


Ichishima Junmai Daiginjo

[Niigata Prefecture 3]

sushi is a natural with this highly refined sake crafted by a more than 220-year-old brewery.

4oz / 12oz / 720ml bottle


Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo

[Niigata Prefecture 3]

has exceptional flavor, is food friendly, and very easy to drink.

4oz / 12oz / 720ml bottle

Ichishima Tokubetsu Honjozo

[Niigata Prefecture 3]

is perfectly dry, light, and crisp. A pair made in heaven with oysters

4oz / 12oz / 720ml bottle


Daishichi Kimoto Honjozo

[Fukushima Prefecture 4]

is a medium-dry, well-balanced sake displaying an expansive aroma and richness on the palate.

4oz / 12oz


Wakatake Onikoroshi “Demon Slayer” Junmai Daiginjo

[Shizuoka Prefecture 5]

well-balanced with slight sweetness.

4oz / 12oz / 720ml bottle


Wakatake Onikoroshi “Demon Slayer” Junmai Ginjo

[Shizuoka Prefecture 5]

light, clean, with a mild watermelon arona.

4oz / 12oz


Hakushika Junmai Ginjo

[Hyogo Prefecture 8]

is a fresh fruity sake with subtle, sweet flavors and a smooth finish.

300ml bottle


Kaori Junmai Ginjo

[Yamaguchi Prefecture 9]

is a medium-dry, light sake with aromas of melon and banana.

4oz / 12oz

Dassai Niwarisanbu “Otterfest 23” Junmai Daiginjo

[Yamaguchi Prefecture 9]

milled to 23%, this is a sake of elegance and subtlety.

65/300ml bottle


Ichishima Silk Deluxe Junmai

[Niigata Prefecture 3]

silk in a glass. Smooth with notes of cucumber and melon with a light, mildly sweet finish.

4oz / 500ml bottle


Banzai Bunny Sparkling

[Nara Prefecture 6]

is a low-alcohol refreshing sake displaying fun effervescence.

300ml bottle


Choya Umeshu Plum Wine

[Osaka Prefecture 7]

a plum an apricot cross produces a remarkable aromatic wine, a perfect aperitif.



Momokawa Junmai Ginjo Organic Nigori


a velvety nigori with plenty of complex grainy flavors and an off-dry finish.

375ml bottle


Sho Chiku Bai Warm Sake


a solid, entry-level sake that is good for warming.



Sapporo 12oz
Sapporo Light 12oz
Sapporo Silver 22oz
Kirin Ichiban 12oz
Asahi 22oz
Sam Adams 12oz
Stella Artois 12oz
Corona 12oz
Amstel Light 12oz